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Check and Verify Social Security Numbers

How to Check and Verify Social Security Numbers?

Do you know who has used your Social Security Number?

Background check by Social Security Number?

Helps lookup background information associated with social security number.

This is an instant search looks up names, aliases, AKA's and addresses that have been associated with a Social Security Number. This can be a great way to prevent identity theft and fraud as it can help you pinpoint the names and addresses used with Social Security Number. Monitoring the names and addresses that are associated with Social Security Number can also help you identify or catch any type of fraud conducted with the number. This search could also help you find if any deceased person's name is associated with social security number.

What are Social Security Numbers?

SSN or Social Security numbers were first issued by the federal government in 1936 to track social security programs. However as time went by the Social Security number (SSN) became the most frequently used recordkeeping number in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service decided to use Social Security Numbers for all tax purposes in 1961. In time use SSN's spread to employee records, medical records, health insurance accounts, credit and banking accounts, university and school records, and many other purposes. In the USA a Social security number is required to work and all Citizens, Permanent Residents and most residents on specific temporary visas are required to obtain a SSN before commencing work. A Social Security Number (SSN) consists of nine digits, commonly written as three fields separated by hyphens: XXX-YY-ZZZ. The first three-digits are called the "area number". The middle, two-digits are called the "group number". The final, four-digits are called the "serial number". This process of assigning social security numbers has changed a few times. Only half the group numbers were used until 1965. Generally field offices assigned the numbers before 1972 and since 1972 Social security numbers have generally been assigned by a central office. The order in which numbers were assigned was changed in the 1972 transition.

How to change your name or address on social security number card?

If you need to change your name on your social security card or tied to your social security number then you need to complete Form SS-5 available from the social security administrations website. You will need proof of identity and proof of documentation showing your new name as well as the new name. Identification can be a Driver's license card, Employer ID card, Marriage license or divorce decree Military records, Adoption records,  Passport or School ID card, Health insurance card. Please note that Medicare cards are not accepted. If you only need to change your address then you can do so by mail or you can do it over the phone by calling the SSA at 800-772-1213.

How to get a new Social Security Number?

Only in the event of identity fraud, stalking or with a court order, will the SSA generally issue a new social security number to an individual. Social security numbers can only be issued by the Social Security Administration.

How to apply for a new Social Security Number Card?

To apply for a new SSN card you will need to go in person to the local SSA office in your area with the following: Your birth certificate or proof of citizenship or immigrant status such as Greencard, Permanent resident card or work permit or student status or any other legal alien status.

What happens to my Social Security Number when I die?

According to the SSA, social security numbers are not reassigned or reused. When an individual dies their social security number is removed from the active files. The present 9 digit combinations of SSN's allow for up to a billion combinations.