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Search data in public domain for Free Criminal Background, Free Background Check, Reverse Phone Lookup, Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup, Phone Number Directories, Find Phone and Address, Driving Records, Birth, Marriage, Death, Verify Licenses,Verify Free Phone Lookup, Jail, Vital, Court, all Public Data in USA. A lot of information is made public by various agencies and is available online. Have access to free public data online as well premium resources to conduct your searches.

criminal-searchBackground Check, Free Background Check

If you have come across someone you don't have enough information on whether it is a personal information or professional, a background check is an ideal way to get better undertanding of their past actions, criminal history, places they lived, married or divorced. This is specially useful if you are bringing someone into your home or family. You can do background checks for nannies, household employees, gardners, teachers, driver, chauffer, tutors, coaches, baby sitters, contractors, or caregivers. You can find out information about new neighbors, or your doctors, dentist lawyers, psychologist. Learn also about free background check, see how you can do free background checks or a do it yourself background check.

criminal-searchFind Civil Judgements, Search Criminal History by State, Search for Lawsuits and Verdicts, Lookup Felonies, Search Tax Liens, Lookup Name Changes,Search Court Dockets

Search Criminal Background, run background checks, search background in courts, judgements, liens, civil lawsuits, police reports, prison records, jail records, sex offender records.Get free criminal searches and free criminal records. Data could include: case numbers, filing type, defendent names, plaintiffs, summaries, attorney names, charges, convictions, sentences, felonies and misdemeanors, verdits, dispositions, dismissals, warrants. Learn about anyone's background by running a comprehensive background check, including their criminal background. You can do free background check or use premium services where they will provide you with a thorough instant background check report. Most premium background check reports include criminal history as well civil judgments and other background information.

criminal-searchSearch Vital Records by State and County, Search Birth Certificates, Search Death Certificates, Search Marriage Licenses, Search Divorce Records

Search birth records and get birth certificates. Search death certificates. Search and find marriage certificates. Search divorce records and get divorce certificates. Lookup in public data of each state for birth, death, marriage, divorce records and obtain certificates. Each state has different rules you can access what is in public domain and also order certificates for those you have a legal right to obtain certificates for.

criminal-searchSearch Phone Number, Phone Directory Lookup, Lookup Phone Number, Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Cell Phone Lookup, Mobile Phone Number

Search telephone numbers free, lookup fax phone number, find pay-phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, cell phone number, toll free phone directories, phone book, white pages, yellow pages. Phone Number searches to locate people or find out who has been calling you with that phone number. Search by landline phone number, cellular phone number, cell phone number, mobile phone number, home phone number, business phone number. Learn free about Do Not Call Registry and how to stop unwanted phone calls or trace harrassing phone numbers. Find out how you can get on do not call lists so people or salespeople do not bother you anymore.

criminal-searchPeople Search, Locate People, Find Loved Ones, Locate Relatives, Find people you have known in the past, Locate people you met recently

Free people search online to locate people, locate relatives, people you have not seen in long time, people you have just met, people related to you friends and family, people connected through business, people you might have met at a conference, locate classmates, locate ex-spouses, brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandparents, step-brothers, step-sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nephews, nieces, grand kids, old colleagues, roommates, neigbors. Locate people free.

criminal-searchSearch Driving Records, Lookup Traffic Violations, Lookup License Plate, Search Driving History, Trace Cars, Search Drivers Licenses, Vehicle History Reports

Search online to for driving history, Department of motor vehicles DMV records, vehicle history. Not all of these data is public domain however search on yourself and get your data from DMV based on your drivers license number or social security number.

criminal-searchCelebrities in the News

Find out what celebrities have been up to learn more about them what are they doing and where, Who is getting married, what kind of trouble are they getting in to these days: drugs, arrests, divorces, affairs, DUI, indicent exposure, jail, court, conflict with police!!!

criminal-searchVerify Licenses, Lookup Medical Licenses, Verify Contractor Licenses, Lookup Business Licenses, Investigate Professional Licenses

Search and verify business licenses, do a business background check, verify medical licenses for doctors and nurses, verify licenses for contractors, accountants, lawyers. Search for licenses free, find and very licenses free.

criminal-searchSearch Ancestors, Build Family Tree

Search archives and public records to build family trees find ancestors and distant relatives. There are many resources where you can find out where your family came from, how it evolved and branched. You can reconstruct your family tree and find great discoveries and leave a treasure for your children and generations to come who can learn about the family history.

criminal-searchSearch Assets, Lookup Property Records, Search Tax Data, Find Tax Assessor Information, Search Mortgage Records, Find Liens, Search Foreclosures

Search tax records, tax assessor, search property transfers, deed transfers, property photos, foreclosure, land records . lookup Liens, claims on property and search unclaimed property. Lookup property records free and find information about properties and owners of the property such value transfer dates and more.

people search by Spokeo

criminal-searchSearch Criminal Records by State, County or Federal Nationwide and Worldwide Civil & Criminal records search

Find criminal & civil cases, judgments, Filing dates, Closing dates, Filing types, Case Numbers, Party Names, Case Summaries, Attorney Names, charges, convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sentences, incarceration records, sex offender records, court dockets, dispositions, pending or dismissed cases, lawsuits, verdicts, wants, warrants. Police reports, USA 50 states and Washington DC criminal court records.

criminal-search Tax Records, Mortgage and Lien Records, Evictions,Home Values, Property Photos & Sales History

Find tax records including  tax assessor (latest tax roll) and transfers (deed transfers), property photos, land & legal info, seller histories. Instant property records search. Lookup Liens, claims on property.

criminal-searchLookupIP Address. Email, Instant Messenger Name, Websites, Domains

Lookup email, Instant Message, IP, city, state, country, longitude, latitude, possible street. Website or Domain Name Background, Domain Name Background. New email or IM Name from old.

criminal-search Background Checks, Personality Profiles

Criminal Records, Court Records, Aliases, Education Personality traits, Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies, Birth Dates, Names of > Relatives, Roommates, Neighbors Current Address & 30 year history, Police Reports Property Ownership, Employment Status, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments

criminal-search Traffic Violations, License Plate, Driving History, Trace Cars, Drivers License, Vehicle History Reports

Traffic Violations, Name, Address, License Plate Number, Insurance Status, Driving record, license type, driving status, driving restrictions, infractions, Car Histories, Vehicles registered to a name or address. Title histories, Verify Drivers Licenses.

criminal-search Monitor your identity, Identity theft Protection

Get daily monitoring of your identity. IDWatch monitors your credit report, address history, aliases, background information and more to help you determine if you are at risk for identity theft and alerts you of any changes in your public records, information in commercial databases and suspicious activity within your identity in real time, before you become a victim of identity theft.

criminal-search Phone Number Search, Phone Number Lookup, Cell Phone, Caller ID & Directory Assistance

Search telephone, fax, payphone, voip, mobile, cell phone, toll free or pager directories, phone book white and yellow pages worldwide. Phone searches only search publicly available resources.

criminal-searchLookup Pictures, Videos, Photos, Lookup photos at various ages

Search pictures, videos, photos. Verify name or DOB through picture.Lookup copies of Judgments, Case Files, Settlements, Evidence Files & other Court Documents
Judgments, Rulings, Settlements, Evidence, Convictions, Briefs, Motions, filings and any other court documents that is on the court record. Available for all state, federal & local court in the USA


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criminal-searchPeople search relatives & identify their relationships

Find current & ex-spouses, brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nephews, nieces, grand kids.
Search Ancestors create Family Tree.
Search People
Find Locate Someone
Find Birthday, Friends, Classmates, Relatives, Co-workers, Lost Love, ex-spouses, Debtors, Death records, emails, IM's, High School & College Reunions
Find People by First Name or Maiden Name


criminal-searchSearch Birth & Death Certificates, Resumes

Memos, Documents, Signatures, Medical Records, Political Donations, Retail Sales, Bank Deposits


criminal-searchLand & Property Searches

Instant Satellite Photos, Street Level Views, High resolution Color & Infrared Photos. Search by latitude and longitude or address

Find Public Records Online will help you with background checks, asset search, criminal background search, people search and locating people, looking up phone numbers or owners of phone numbers (reverse phone lookup).