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Lawyer Background Check

Selecting the right lawyer could help you and determine winning or losing a case, getting a better settlement or getting the right verdict. A lawyer background check could help you with making the right decision as to which lawyer is right for the job.It is important to learn as much as possible about an attorney who would be representing you on important matters in your life whether it is civil case, such as divorce or sueing for money or God forbid you have a criminal case that you need legal represenation you better learn as much as possible about your lawyer before putting your life in his hands.

All lawyers need to be licenesed and pass the state bar. Some lawyers have licenses in various states. Depending on the area of specialization they might be involved with different organizations. It is best to contact the bar association in the state the lawyer is practicing to find out more information about that lawyer. Also it is important to run a background check to learn more about what type of background he has if the lawyer himself/herself has been involved in any wrong doings, bankruptcies or has there been any civil lawsuits filed against him or his firm for misconduct of any kind.

Premium Background Check

Instant Background Checks includes criminal background check, property value, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy, liens and much more!

Lawyer background or Attorney background checks search the following items:

  • Name of Firm
  • Lawyer's Address
  • Lawyer's Age
  • Lawyer's Areas of Practice
  • Educational Background and Degree of an Attorney
  • Professional Affiliation or Memberships
  • Attorney Awards or Honors
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Complaints about Lawyers
  • Bankruptcy court search
  • List of cases tried in Courts including County, Sate and Federal courts such as distirct courts, family, appeals or supreme court.

About Lawyers

  • About 26 percent of lawyers are self-employed, either as partners in law firms or in solo practices.
  • Formal requirements to become a lawyer usually include a 4-year college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a written bar examination; however, some requirements may vary by State.
  • Competition for admission to most law schools is intense.
  • Competition for job openings should be keen because of the large number of students graduating from law school each year.