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Home Contractor Background Check

Home Contractor Background Check / Screen Contractor

Screening Contractors / Handymen / Home Repair Workers  is one of the best ways to protect yourself from unlicensed contractors. Unlicensed contractors cause major problems for homeowners and state and local investigators every year. You can face huge bills if a worker is injured on the job and chooses to sue, especially if the contractor is not insured or his/her insurance is not active. If the Contractor has filed for bankruptcy or has financial problems then your project may encounter problems during completion or if the Contractor has a criminal record then your safety may be at stake. Asking for references does not always give a true picture as they could be biased and it is very difficult to find independent references. For your safety and to save money and damages it is best to get a thorough background check on a Contractor, especially for big projects.

Screen Contractor, Background Check Reports generally search:

  • Credentials of the Contractor.
  • Status of his License.
  • Status of his Insurance.
  • Liens, Judgements and Bankruptcies Check
  • Any complaints filed against the Contractor
  • Any awards or Rumors
  • USA Nationwide Criminal Record Search
  • 20 Year Address History

*Optional Satisfaction History of the Home Contractor.
Satisfaction history includes the percentage of customers who have filed complaints against the Home Contractor.


Did you know that an unlicensed contractor who gets hurt on your property could sue you and win, because it is unlikely that unlicensed contractors have proper insurance. In some states hiring an unlicensed contractor could be illegal. Licenses are generally required for any type of work that could affect the structural or electrical integrity of the home or building. In general it is illegal for one contractor to work under some other contractor's license. Each state also requires their own license and a license from one state will not be valid in another state unless the states have a reciprocity agreement.  In most cases an occupancy license or a business license is not a contractor's license. Most contractors licenses require a test to get their license. It is also possible that insurance companies may not cover any damages, when work was done by unlicensed contractors. A contractor should be licensed for the specific type of work to be performed. For example a licensed plumber cannot do electrical work unless he is also a licensed electrician and so on.

According to the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), Home Contractors garnered the second highest number of consumer complaints. Dealings with contractors have been a sore point for consumers, whether because of a failure to use a written contract, abandonment or refusal to complete work, poor workmanship and non compliance with building code requirements.