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Comprehensive Business Background Check

Do you know where your competitors are right now?

Do you know what your competition is up to?

Are they gaining on you?

Preparing to launch a new product? Planning an expansion? Facing bankruptcy? Forewarned is forearmed. If you are in business, you need to know what your competition is doing. Competitive intelligence is not limited to Fortune 1000 companies; all businesses benefit from this type of competitive research. Get a Comprehensive Business Background check which typically includes:

  • Name, Address of the Business, Possible Owners and Officers
  • Employer Identification Number when available
  • Lawsuits, Liens, Judgments, Corporate Records
  • Products sold by the business
  • Credit Report of the business
  • Information on licenses and permits, Corporation Filing, Business Registrations
  • Possible Bankruptcies, Bankruptcy Docket Sheet
  • UCC Filings, Associated Businesses, Associated People
  • Internet Domain names registered
  • Current and Previous Property Ownership
    • In addition this background check may also include the Dun & Bradstreet Report which can include: Business Name, DUNS Number, Address, Phone Number, Year Started, Date of Incorporation, Incorporation State, Annual Sales, Sales Revision Date, Employees Total, Employees Here, Net Worth, Line of Business, Primary SIC, Secondary SIC Code, Establishment Type, Structure Type, Facility, Small Business Flag, Minority Owned, Foreign Owned, Public, and Executives.


      Additional information such as if the business hiring or firing employees, rumors and gossip on the business, if the business is a publicly traded company then it will also include general information on the finances of the business, and possible leaked corporate documents. Information on pending lawsuits will not be included. Pending lawsuits is an additional option and can be ordered separately.


Business Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal, Civil, Dismissed, Pending cases, Lawsuits, Charges, Judgments, Convictions, Dispositions and other Court Records Search

This report generally searches Criminal & Civil court records, Judgments, Dispositions, Pending and Dismissed cases, Lawsuits, Filing dates, Closing dates, Filing types, Case Numbers, Party Names, Case Summaries, Charges and Attorney Names as available, bankruptcies and other court dockets. You can even find if a case has been filed with the court within 1 to 4 business days. Search includes multiple criminal record sources such as State dockets, Federal & Appellate court dockets, Supreme Court dockets, County court dockets. Search by business name.

Background Check of a business's internet identity

searches everything that is visible or available on any business on the public internet. Items found could be names, addresses, phone numbers, associates, employees, management, memos, customers, emails, usernames, instant messenger names, IP's, websites, reviews, ratings, complaints, qualifications, pictures, mentions in blogs, groups, wikis, online media, social networking sites and other places.

Comprehensive Insight Report on Business from D&B

This is D&B's premium comprehensive insight plus report and provides detailed analysis that can help you with screening various business relationships, making decisions about important transactions, researching competitors and suppliers and planning for sales calls, it has risk indicators that are easy to read and many other details such as Address information, open date, products, SIC Codes, number of employees, value, market trends, officers, publicly announced plans, credit overview, public filings, public profit & loss, stock information, securing parties, key personnel histories, transitions, mergers, facility information, operations, credit, historical payment trends and payment history that is on file with D&B,  credit recommendation by D&B, D&B rating, D&B Paydex score which gives an overview of how the company has paid their bills, summary on profitability, debts and assets, insight on company's management team with contact information of the company's officer, key business ratio's to measure financial strength, and more.

Business Credit Report

Comprehensive business credit report typically searches: Fictitious Business Name, Key Facts, Corporate Registration, Credit Summary, Banking, Insurance, Leasing Payment Summary, Collections Summary, Judgments, Tax Liens Bankruptcies, Credit Ranking Score, Collections Detail, Inquiries, UCC Summary. Search USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, Russia, India, Japan, Taiwan and every other country in the world. UK and Thailand credit reports generally also include company financials.

Business Contacts Search

Searches names of contacts at the business, business addresses, phone numbers and all other businesses associated with those addresses and phones

Trace the Owners, officers, directors, partners of any Corporation or LLC

Search returns Names, possible addresses and listed phone numbers of the owners, officers, directors, partners of any corporation or LLC, date of incorporation, statutory agent of the corporation, agents address and corporation's tax filing status. This is a nationwide search and could trace owners even if they live in a state different than the state where the business is incorporated.

Business Lawsuits, Liens, Judgments Search

Returns information on lawsuits, liens, judgments filed against the business.*

Search Employer Identification Number, EIN

Returns the Federal Employer Identification Number of a Business from Name and Address or Find the Name and Address of a Business from EIN

All Businesses at an Address

Searches for the Names of all current businesses at a given address.

Business Owner / Officer Background Check

Lookup a comprehensive background check of the business owner.

Business Bank Account Search

Searches public records and the public internet for any locations of bank account. Will not search for or return account numbers or balances.

Search Business Ownership & Affiliations

Uncover an individual's business affiliations and ownership. Determine the relationship(s) between one ownership and another.  Explore possible conflicts of interest by looking for a business manager or executive's involvement with other businesses. The Business Ownership and Affiliation search returns: Name & address of Business or Businesses with which the individual is affiliated with or has ownership interest.  Title of Executive(s), or Officer(s), or Owner(s) Type of business or corporation. SIC Description Additional detail information on the business owned may be available on some results, such as corporate id number, employee size, sales volume, phone number, status, company history, etc.



Search Sales Tax Permits

Searching Sales and Use Tax Permits is a good way to Verify a business` existence, locate owners, check tax identification numbers, and determine other businesses with same owner. Search by Name and address of business.

USA Patriot Act Search

Search Workers Compensation History

Returns record in accordance with the issuing state policy. This search gives advanced knowledge of past injuries so to avoid having an employee work in high risk positions.
(*Information on pending lawsuits is not returned.)