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Click on a state below to learn about getting information on Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicles records, drivers licenses, driving records, car registration, or accessing other motor vehicle services, Driving Records, Traffic Violations, License Plate, Driving History, Trace Cars, Drivers License, Vehicle History Reports.

As of January 2005, states may no longer display social security numbers on drivers' licenses, motor vehicle registrations, or other identification documents. If your current card displays your SSN, protect yourself against identity theft by contacting your state for a replacement.

phone-lookupSearch Traffic Violations or Driving Records
You can search for traffic and driving violations and infractions such as speeding, driving with suspended licenses, or driving without a license, DUI (Driving while under the influence of Alcohol), OWI (Operating intoxicated/impaired), DWI (Driving while intoxicated ), DUID (Drive a vehicle under the influence of drugs), BAC (exceed the legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration), vehicle code, speeding tickets, traffic tickets, moving and non-moving violations.

phone-lookupVehicle search by Name, Address
You can search for vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, automobiles, vans, RV, and trailers associated with a name or address. resources.

phone-lookupVehicle Title History
You can search title histories that are archived by the motor vehicle department in each state and include all available titles issued on registrations. This sometimes include copies of title documents, showing each change of ownership recorded in a given state.

phone-lookupState License Plate or VIN Search
You can search by license plate, tag or VIN records. Information in these results could include first and last name, address of registered owner as shown on registration. Other information you may find include: Expiration date, Make and Model of Vehicle, VIN Number, Title Number, Lien holder name.

phone-lookupDriving History
You can search driving history which may include driving status, license type, and driving restrictions or infractions, if any.

phone-lookupLicense Plate / VIN Search
Search for license plate or VIN. This is generally recorded or archived by the DMV.

phone-lookupReverse License Plate Lookup
Search for name and address associated with a license plate or VIN.

phone-lookupPartial License Plate or VIN Check
If you only have part of the plate or vin numbers then it is called a partial license plate check or partial vin check.

phone-lookupVerify Name and Address on Drivers License
You may be able to verify the name and address on a drivers license with the number on the license through Department of Motor Vehicle DMV.

phone-lookupBoats Registration Records
In some states DMV holds the data for boats registrations

phone-lookupAircraft Registration Records
Aircraft registrations are held at federal level and are indexed by tail number, serial (VIN) number or name.

phone-lookupVehicle Registration Records
Vehicle registrations are held by DMV as well as some other organizations.



Driving Record Lookup by State

Find Public Records Online will help you with driving records and checks.

Liens, Claims & Theft reports on any vehicle such as Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Boat
If any liens or claims are filed against any vehicle, car, truck or boat you may be able to search the records by VIN or vehicle identification number.

You can also search: License Plate Databases,Car Rental companies, VIN Databases, Hotels, Motels. Did you know that now most airport parkings also records license plates of cars parked at the airport parking structures and they usually record it also as you pay and leave. Also check with the police department since police reports usually have license information specially if cars were involved in an incident.

You can get a drivers license, registration and a copy of your driving record from DMV.

How to get a copy of someone else's driver license, ID card, vehicle or vessel record

Vehicle, vessel, driver license and identification (ID) card records are open to public inspection.However social security numbers and residence addresses are confidential and may only be provided to a court, law enforcement agency or other authorized individuals. When you get information on someone else however, you will not receive residence address information.





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