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What is White Pages Directory?

White Pages Directory is basically the phone directory where you can lookup phone numbers and sometimes addresses by looking up by last name and first name. Before directories were available on line or digitally. Phone companies published phone directory books. These phone directories were known as White Pages for looking up personal and private names and yellow pages for looking up phone numbers for businesses.

Today there are still phone companies publishing whitepages and yellow pages. But of course you can also find the same information online. The convenience looking up phone numbers online make it convenient and more popular specially with the introduction of cell and mobile phones you can access white pages and yellow pages information anywhere anytime.

The first search you do online in order to find someone's contact information is usually in the whitepages. Probably the biggest database of phone numbers that are not unlisted can be found in the white pages and of course let's not forget about business diretories or yellow pages.

Yellow pages usually is organized by location and type of company. Usually you can search by a category. Let's say you are looking for a car dealer then you can look into automotive category and then drill down within the category to the dealers. Of course having a location such as city or ZIP code helps to narrow down your selection in yellow pages.

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